Our Board & Players Committee for 2024

Our Club Board includes ten people, representing a mix of new, independent voices and long term club members. 

Executive Board

Chairperson: Aaron Carson chairman@fencibles.org.nz

Vice Chairman: Ian Davies (Taffy) vicechair@fencibles.org.nz

Secretary: Karen Major secretary@fencibles.org.nz

Treasurer: Colin McCulloch

Elected Member: Darryl Hamilton 

Elected Member: Mel Nicol 

Elected Member: Matt Sheehy

Elected Member: Mike Hawkey

Elected Member: Daren Leng

President: Pat Cannon


Club Administrator: Karen Major admin@fencibles.org.nz

Grants Manager: Mel Nicol funding@fencibles.org.nz 

Our Players Committee includes the Vice Chairman and the 5 club captains.

Junior Club Captain: Darryl Hamilton juniors@fencibles.org.nz

Youth Boys Club Captain: Ray Lewis youthboys@fencibles.org.nz

Youth & Senior Girls Club Captain: Niki Besley  femaleclubcaptains@fencibles.org.nz 

Senior Men's Club Captain: Daren Leng mensplayerscomm@fencibles.org.nz