RD Athletics Development Programme


The RD Athletic development programme draws inspiration from the idea of children playing in a park, where they have the freedom to explore a wide range of physical movements and express themselves in a fun, challenging, and safe environment. While our programs may appear chaotic, they are deliberately designed to achieve specific physical outcomes and develop functional movement competency.

We believe that exposing children to a diverse range of physical tasks can lead to significant growth in their athletic ability. Therefore, our program is centered around providing a broad range of physical challenges that promote the development of fundamental movement skills. Ultimately, we aim to create an engaging and enjoyable experience for children that supports their overall physical development and instills a lifelong passion for movement and fitness.


12 years and below

Develop coordination, Build strength, Aids growth, Reduction in growing pains, Build confidence, Learn to use their bodies, Find their strengths, Adapt to new stimulus's, Build core strength &Substitute for high load training

13 years and above

Gain strength, Build power, Build speed, Reduce chances of Injury, Build confidence, Build core strength, Manage post growth spurt pains, Reduce risk of injury & Substitute for high load training.

Session Time

What days are you signing up for (select from 1 day per week to 3 days)

  • Tuesday 3:45- 4:20pm 
  • Thursday 3:45- 4:20pm
  • Friday 3:45- 4:20pm

Cost for Term 2

8 weeks

  • 1 day per week- $120
  • 2 days per week- $210
  • 3 days per week- $280 (includes a training top)

Phone number- 0212956831 (Roy)