New Zealand Football Skills Centre (ages 9-12)

Purpose & Objectives - What Are NZF Skills Centres Aiming To Achieve?

The New Zealand Football Skills Centres provide an aligned, co-ordinated approach to junior footballers, aged 9-12 years, wishing to access a higher level of provision. Its main aim is to provide a structured programme for players, in an enjoyable environment that maximises player development.

It is highly likely that the game in the future will be quicker, more technical and tactical, and the demands on our younger players will be elevated. Through a planned, consistent approach to training, based around principles of Long Term Player Development, NZF Skills Centres will provide a perfect start for players wishing to reach the highest level.

A Key Part Of The NZF Player Pathway

New Zealand Football’s National Player Development Framework provides a cohesive structure in order to meet the needs of players across all levels of the game. There is a clear distinction between the progressive stages within the framework, with each stage having clear objectives, guidelines and structures so that the club workforce are better equipped to meet the needs of our players, right up to adult football.

Regardless of motivation or ability levels, players should enjoy a high-quality experience at all stages. The framework aims to meet the needs of all young players, while ensuring they can move across the spectrum from community recreational football right through to the talented perform pathway.

As you can see from the framework diagram, the Junior Framework offers programmes across three pathways in order to cater for the three foundation stages of player development.

The “Talent Perform” pathway offers players, who are showing potential, additional football with a higher level of competition. NZF Skills Centres will offer additional weekly training to junior footballers aged 9-12 years. This provision involves players being challenged appropriately, enhancing their opportunity of further development. Players operating within this pathway will accumulate a greater amount of football specific practice hours than their ‘Community Football’ counterparts and will be suitably prepared for talented player programmes available in the Youth Framework.

What are NZF Skills Centres?

  1. Additional weekly training for junior footballers aged 9-12 years
  2. Playing opportunities with a higher level of competition
  3. Training to prepare for talented player programmes in the NZF Youth Framework

Produce better players in NZ, through increasing the number of training opportunities & playing hours for footballers aged 9-12 years

Provide clear training guidelines, based on international best practice, for junior footballers who are showing potential to play at a higher level​​​​

Increase and retain the number of junior footballers through delivery of high quality football experiences.


The NZ Football Skills Centres will be run in Term 2 and Term 3 in 2022. Covering eight weekly sessions per term.

What to bring:

All players are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes early so that sessions can be started on time.​

  • Academy training kit
  • Football boots with rubber studs or moulds
  • Shin pads
  • Drink bottle (please note there is nowhere to refill your bottle so bring a spare and be sure to hydrate appropriately beforehand)
  • Rain Jacket, a towel and warm clothes to change into afterwards incase of bad weather

Session Notifications & Wet Weather / Cancellation Process

Cancellations will be communicated via Heja App which all members will be added to and required to confirm session attendance on each week. If you do not join the App you will be unable to receive training notifications.

Sessions will only be cancelled due to weather when the surface is unplayable or conditions are unsafe. If a session is cancelled a catch-up will be scheduled for the last week of the term OR first week of the new term.

If we are unable to schedule a catch-up session then the cost of the cancelled session will be credited to your account.