Youth Trial Dates 2019 

Please make sure you are registered for the 2019 season so we are able to update you with all the necessary information via email.


Riverhills Park

cnr Gossamer and Ti Rakau Drives 


(Entry off Gossamer Drive)


Premier and Division 1  9th to 12th Boys

All trials are now complete - Thank you


Metro and Conference - 13th to 17th Boys

All trials are now complete - Thank you


Division 2 to 4 10th to 12th Boys

10th Boys - Now Completed thank you we will email your teams as soon as we can.

11th Boys - Tuesday 12,19 March 530-7pm

12th Boys - Thursday 14,21 March 530-7pm


Division 1 to 4 13th - 17th Boys


13th Boys - Now Completed thank you we will email your teams as soon as we can.

14th Boys - Tuesday 12,19 March 7-830pm

15th Boys - Wednesday 13,20 March 530-7pm

16 and 17 Boys - Wednesday 13,20 March 7-830pm






It is important to note that your first point of contact is your team coach and or the team manager. 

You contact them through ClubHub.

Go to the Fencibles Website

Top left hand corner click Log in

Log in with the details that you were emailed when you first registered

Click on the contact Tab

Click on Team Members

From here you can communicate with your team and your coaching staff.

Please remember to be at your fields a minimum of 30 minutes prior to game time and allow enough travel time to not be late.  All games have to start on time and if your full team is not there the other team can start without you.



The Auckland Football Website has all the information for where and who you are playing.

Click on the top left hand side Fixtures & Results

Click on the grade your child is (this is the age your child turns this year and was on the original email that was sent)

You then need to find your child’s team.  Initially you might need to click on the fixture button of a few of their colour groups to find the right one. 

For 10, 11th and 12th Grade they are listed in order of division ie Blue and Green at the top are the Prem Groups, Orange and Purple will be roughly Division one etc.  Your team name is in Clubhub.

Once you have found your team you can click on the map on the right hand side if you are unsure of how to get there etc. This is also where you can see the results for 11th grade and above.  9th and 10th grade your results are not published but are held each week with Auckland Football for placings in Grading to ensure you are in the correct place for Championship rounds.

You must check the website on Friday after 5pm to ensure you have not had a field change and all cancellations/postponements are loaded on each individual game in white above the home team.  You must check the website not the app for cancellations as sometime there is a delay in the information getting to the AP.




You must start on time and if for some reason you are late starting you have no choice but to finish on time if the first team is late it snowballs for the rest of the day and can cause some conflict on the fields. – There is no leeway with this you have to stick to your timings.

Please remember to be at your fields a minimum of 30 minutes prior to game time and allow enough travel time to not be late.  All games have to start on time and if your full team is not there the other team can start without you.





Greenmount Drive

Field number 1 is closest to the road

Field number 2 is up the top

There will always be two teams loaded on each field the coaches’ just pick a side.

If you are the first team there you will have to get the 2 goals for your field from behind the changing rooms and set them up on your field. (The away team does not move goals) Including 6 corner flags for each field.  3 flags down each side of the field (2 corners and one on half way).

If you are the last team there you must pack up both the Goals from your field and carry them down to behind the changing rooms and stack them neatly in sets of 4.  Please put the corner flags together in the ground upright and someone will be there later in the day to lock them away.


William Green – Artificial turf

Field 1 will be issued to two teams you just choose a side

Field 5 and 6 are on the outside.

Make sure both goals are set up for game start time – no corner flags for 9 10 11 and 12th grades Older Grades the corner flags are in the entrance to the changing rooms.

NO PARENTS/SPECTATORS at all on the pitch.  Coaches you must enforce this nicely with your team and also the visiting team.  The other teams may not know about the turf rules so you will need to advise them.  Coaches managers NO coffee on the pitch.

PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU DO NOT ADHERE TO THE TURF RULES YOUR TEAM WILL BE ALLOCATED TO ANOTHER FIELD FOR FUTURE GAMES.  It is vitally important we protect the turf and do not want to have to go down the path of Security Guards.


IF you are a 9th or 10th grade team you do not play on the full half pitch.  You use cones to make your pitch narrower and you can bring it in a little as well to make it shorter.  Use the half way line as your side line and then bring in the other side to the 18 yard box markings then you only need to cone the field for a short distance from the 18yard box like to the side line. 

Don’t forget to pick up your cones and get the next coach to replace them with his.


Barry Curtis Park

If you are the first team playing you will need to collect the nets and corner flags from the net room at Riverhills.

Standing in front of the club rooms go down the right hand side of the building and it is your 2nd door on the left.  It is clearly labelled.

If you are the last FENCIBLES team at the field (there will be no one waiting to come on after you) then you must collect the nets and corner flags and return them to the net room




If you are unsure if you are first or last go to the Auckland Football Website

click on fixtures and results

click on the venues tab in the blue line

Search your venue ie Barry Curtis Park 1

Scroll down to the date and you will see all the games that are being played for that day.  Just ensure that you are looking at the Fencibles games not BBAFC and SAR.


Lloyd Elsmore

It looks like Lloyd Elsmore is now in play.  We have nets and corner flags etc in the room on the side of the building.



The nets are found in the net room.  Please if there is no one waiting for the field return the nets to the net room.

Room number 7 will be open for the toilet.  Sometimes the door swings shut in the wind so just give it a pull.


PLEASE IF YOU ARE FIRST ALLOW ADDITIONAL TIME FOR THE NET SET UP AT THE FIELD YOU MUST SET UP BOTH ENDS.  Parents please assist your coaching staff with this as they will need to be focusing on their team warm ups and do so much during the week you help will be greatly appreciated and many hands make light work.


Please remember to have a read of the Fencibles Code of Conduct on the Website.  We as a club pride ourselves on our sideline behaviour so lets get out there and have some fun and remember that it is all about the kids and their enjoyment for the game.




Barry Curtis Park - Pitch numbering and net information

We will have a number of teams each week playing at Barry Curtis Park click here for the pitch layout.

No games will start before 10am at Barry Curtis, so with this in mind if your game starts at 10am you will need to come to William Green to the light room, (which will be unlocked by 7am on each Saturday, they are the big green doors on the right hand side of the building) and pick up out of the appropriately numbered bin to your playing pitch number , your nets, corner flags and net pegs (do not take the bin). For example this weekend the 13th grade Div3 team are first up on pitch 3 so Robbie Smith would need to come up and collect the gear out of bin number 3 before going to the park. At the end of that game we have another 3 Fencibles games on so at the end of the last game Fencibles U17/2C Ansell, then Tony will bring the gear back to William Green and put the gear back into bin 3.

IMPORTANT NOTE- If the game after you is NOT a Fencibles team then you are to remove the gear completely from the pitch and bring it back to WG. No other clubs are to use our gear unless you have been informed by the club prior to the playing day.