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Mens First Team Coach - 24th October, 2014

Fencibles United AFC are delighted to announce the appointment of Daniel Rattray to the position of Men’s First Team Coach for the 2015 season.

Daniel is currently working as a Physical Education and Health Teacher at Howick College and is the Teacher in Charge of Football. He is leading the development and implementation of an innovative, structured coaching framework and there are big plans for next year at the College to build on the success and growth of the sport in the last 12 months. He may also be familiar to many of our members with the work he does with Roger Wilkinson in the Premier Skills programme. Roger is our Director of Coaching at Fencibles.

Daniel has played football all his life and played the last 3 seasons in West Auckland for Bay Olympic as a starting centre back in the NRFL Men’s Premier League and played in the team which won this league in 2012.

Daniel clearly understands what we need to achieve on and off the pitch next season and beyond, and the scale of this challenge. He brings some very unique people leadership skills, experience in extracting high performance through collaboration and the “X” factor we are looking for.

We will communicate key updates on the Men’s First Team and Reserve Team squads over the coming months as we make progress through summer with all the work that will be going into the preparation for the 2015 season.

Thanks everyone, The Players Committee

Barry Curtis Park - Pitch numbering and net information

We will have a number of teams each week playing at Barry Curtis Park click here for the pitch layout

No games will start before 10am at Barry Curtis, so with this in mind if your game starts at 10am you will need to come to William Green to the light room, (which will be unlocked by 7am on each Saturday, they are the big green doors on the right hand side of the building) and pick up out of the appropriately numbered bin to your playing pitch number , your nets, corner flags and net pegs (do not take the bin). For example this weekend the 13th grade Div3 team are first up on pitch 3 so Robbie Smith would need to come up and collect the gear out of bin number 3 before going to the park. At the end of that game we have another 3 Fencibles games on so at the end of the last game Fencibles U17/2C Ansell, then Tony will bring the gear back to William Green and put the gear back into bin 3.

IMPORTANT NOTE- If the game after you is NOT a Fencibles team then you are to remove the gear completely from the pitch and bring it back to WG. No other clubs are to use our gear unless you have been informed by the club prior to the playing day.