Youth - Rules and Policies


9th and 10th Grade Nationals Process

Expressions of interest are requested for the coaching staff (an email is sent by the club captain)

Once appointed by the Players Committee and Director of Coaching trial dates and processes will be confirmed

The players are age appropriate so even if the players play up a grade they are still applicable to attend trials.

Trials are open to any player that is age appropriate and wishes to be a part of the process and believes they can be in the top 10 players of their age group.

Boys and Girls have separate teams they are not mixed

A squad of 14 is chosen initially 

The teams will attend a pre nationals tournament and the final 10 will be chosen after this date.

The 4 remaining will continue to train with the team and be the cover if there is an injury or illness.  

Only one team is allowed to be entered under the rules of the tournament.  If they offer another team due to a cancellation or uneven number of registration we will apply for another team.  If accepted we will enter a second team and this will not affect the first team.  An A and B team will attend the tournament if the option is available.  This will be chosen based on the trials held by the A team coaches and another coach will be appointed to the B team.


Trialing up a Grade Process

Any player wishing to play up an age group must be assessed by Roger Wilkinson (Director of Coaching) and Justin Green (Vice Chairman and Head of Players Committee).  

If there is a family reason for playing up in a lower division this can also be looked into.

Please contact your club captain for further information.  Jeannine Melville


Coach Appointment Process

Prior to the end of the year (before the next season) the Players Committee will send an email asking for expressions of interest for coaching postions for the next coming season.  

All Premier, Metro and Conference coaches are appointed by the Players Committee and the Director of Coaching.

All Division coaches are appointed once the grading process has taken place and prior to grading the Club Captain will ask for expressions of interest.

If there is a team without a coach we send messaged throughout the club to ask if there are any senior players that would like to assist with coaching.


Floodlit Training

When choosing your training times/venues please pay particular attention to the arrangements we have in place when using the floodlit areas of William Green and Riverhills.

Please note that you must adhere to your training times and ensure you are cleared of the ground at that time – not starting to pack up. 

When setting up your patch you should choose no more than a 20m x 30m area. Pace it out with cones and stay within your confines. At all times be considerate to your neighbours. There are over 60 teams in youth alone, and we all use the same facilities and we all need to train. 

For the 10th and 11th grade there is no need to train more than once a week. When choosing a night, the evenings which are the least populated are Mondays and then Fridays. So picking one of these will help ease the congestion on the mid-week nights. If you are training on two nights you should include a Monday or Friday as one of the nights.

Of course other grounds are available whilst the light holds up. So using Meadowlands, Greenmount and Golflands for example are generally fine up until 4:30 even in the depths of winter. So if you can get away from work early use these grounds too. If you have a good relationship with your school you might try asking the principal to use their facilities too.