2019/2020 Positions

Executive Board

President:                           Pat Cannon

Chairman:                          Aaron Carson

Vice Chairman:                   Ian Davies (Taffy)

Secretary:                          Jeannine Melville

Treasurer:                          Colin McCulloch

Elected Member:                 Michael Mayer

Elected member:                 Kelly Anderson-Rowe


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It is with great honour that we are writing this message of thanks to a few of our board members that have decided to take leave from the board this season. There are no words of thanks that could possibly be enough to thank our long standing Secretary Danna Mandry or Mum as she is known to many of us. Danna has decided this season to step aside and spend a bit more time at home with her growing and very busy family. We will be forever indebted to Danna for her 20+ years of service to Fencibles but we know that she will still be around the club just being able to spend time watching and not working. A thank you must also go to her family for all the time they have allowed us at Fencibles to have rather than at home. Thank you for sharing your Mum and Nana.


To Justin Green who has had many roles in the club your time and commitment is 2nd to none. Justin is thankfully not leaving us and will remain on the Maintenance committee and is available for us as a new board for support when we need it. Huge thank you Justin for everything that you have done and will do in the coming season we really appreciate everything.


Mel Nicol and Matt Sheehey while stepping sideways from the board this season they will be a part of the team now that handles Finance, Sponsorship and Special Projects. Both of their efforts and passion for the club are second to none and we will definitely not be letting them go their knowledge and experience is a massive asset so our thanks goes to them for continuing to support the board for the 2020 season.


Players Committee

Vice Chairman:                                                                Ian Davies (Taffy)

Junior Club Captain / Football Development Manager:         Darryl Hamilton   

Youth Boys Club Captain / Football Programmes Manager:   Mike Hawkey

Youth Girls Club Captain:                                                  Melanie Lockyer

Senior Men's Club Captain:                                               Daren Leng 

Senior Womens Captain:                                                   Kim Ansell  


Additional Team Members 

Patron:                               Cr Sharon Stewart QSM

Projects Manager:               Matt Sheehy

Finance Team Member:        Melanie Nicol 


Football Positions

Director of Football:     

Football Development Manager           Darryl Hamilton

Football Programme Manager             Mike Hawkey    


First Team / Under 23s                  

Men's First Team Coach:                    Jarrod Young

Men's First Team Assistant Coach:      Matt Byers

Men's Reserve Team Coach:               Pete Davies


Some of our youth coaches      

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