9th & 10th Mixed Grade- Mini Football (In-house, children born 2011/12)

This year Fencibles are offering an in-house league for 9th and 10th Grade children (you do not need to attend any trials)


The junior section at Fencibles United are following the McDonald’s Junior Football frame work that is aim to provide all children

The junior section at Fencibles United are following the McDonald’s Junior Football frame work that is aim to provide all children aged 4-9/10 years with high quality Football experiences that increase passion for the game, fundamental movement and playing skills. All whilst having fun!


Through McDonald’s Junior Football, players will experience age appropriate games and coaching in a program that is specifically tailored to meet their wants and needs.

Providing standardised playing formats, clear outcomes and training recommendations for each stage of a player’s development, the importance of the McDonald’s Junior Football cannot be underestimated.  It will ensure the experience provided at the grassroots leaves Kiwi kids enthused, technically competent and in love with sport.


The programmes are offered for kids born in 2010/11 is the McDonald’s First Kicks (9-10 Years)

Click here to view the Junior Framework video

Click here for the latest AFF Framework manual


Term 1

We will be running a paid Discovery Programme during term 1- Click HERE for more information


Term 2 & 3

Game Season Information

The Season has now been confirmed by Auckland Football to starts on Saturday 8th May 2021. 

Grading is based on players age during the calendar year 1st January to 31 December.

Like the boys, the girls have the opportunity to play in the AFF football league (click here for more information) or depending on numbers we may have enough to an an all girls team in the in-house program (once registrations close, we will know what numbers we have).


The club will be organising midweek training for this age group at William Green, which is included in the season fees. This will run for 8 weeks in Term 2 and 8 Weeks in Term 3 (second week of school term) on a Wednesday afternoon from 5pm to 6pm.

Please register your interest via your Club Hub log-in.

  1. Log into Club Hub
  2. Click on Task on the tool bar
  3. Click on Purchase
  4. Then select the class / holiday programme


Team coaches can organise their own training if they wish.


9/10th combined grade team

We will be allocating all Meadowlands after registrations close. The registrations close on the 16th April 2021. After the date all registrations will be moved onto a waiting list and added in if space is available and late registrations my not be put into teams with their friends.

The 9/10th grade:

  1. Each teams will be put into groups of between 9 &10 of kids born in 2011/12,
  2. Each team has 1 coaches (ideally more for cover sickness)
  3. Each team will have training the same coaching and game times as specified by the AFF Framework and the same level of enjoyment.
  4. After the training session each team will play a 7v7 game against an opposition team (1 goalkeeper and 6 outfield player)
  5. Each team will have a application set-up so teams can engage with each other 


Coaches information: 

The programme they will follow is listed below:

9.45am - 10.15am

1. 11+ KIDS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL (Click here for the full list of 11+ warm-up drills)

• Agility (running, speeding up/slowing down, changing direction, stopping)

• Balance (hopping, jumping, landing)

• Coordination (combining different movements, moving with the ball, falling and standing safely)

• All activities with a ball at the feet where possible

• More complex movement patterns that are clearly linked to football skills.



• Fun warm up activities to prepare players bodies and minds to play

• Group tag games or multi - team games with a friendly challenge

• More relative to Football itself, with ball at the feet most of the time



• Repeatedly practice techniques including dribbling, turning, shooting and passing in a random environment

• Constant interference to help players perceive their surroundings and make decisions based on the information obtained

• Execution of the technique whilst under pressure



• Lots of opportunities to repeatedly practice core techniques in a game related scenario

• Small competitions and games should used to motivate players to use appropriate techniques

• Lots of decision making – how and when to use what technique?

• More challenging activities in smaller groups – 2v2s, 3v2s, 4v3s


First half: 10.15am - 10.35am, second half: 10.40am - 11am


• Two teams playing against each other aiming towards a target / goal

• This will provide more opportunities to work as a team or with other players

• Conditions / Rules are in place to emphasis a particular technique

• Overloads used to provide players with additional challenge


Click here for the latest AFF Framework manual

The retreating line rule applies- click here for more details