Junior Information for kids born between 2011 and 2016

Season dates:

The Season is due to be confirmed by Auckland Football soon, but at this stage we are due to starts on Saturday 8th May 2021.


Our fee structure are outline HERE or for a more detailed offering click HERE


Fencibles Junior Framework for Midweek Training:

Junior Grade is from 5 years to 9/10 years old
Grading is based on players age during the calendar year 1st January to 31 December.


The junior section at Fencibles United are following the McDonald’s Junior Football frame work that is aiming to provide all children aged 4-9/10 years with high quality Football experiences that increase passion for the game, fundamental movement and playing skills. All whilst having fun! This will all be done during our 16 open session during the Term 2 and Term 3 at William Green Domain. For the 7th to 9/10th Grade, is all included in your season Fees. 


Through McDonald’s Junior Football, players will experience age appropriate games and coaching in a programme that is specifically tailored to meet their wants and needs.

Providing standardised playing formats, clear outcomes and training recommendations for each stage of a player’s development, the importance of the McDonald’s Junior Football cannot be underestimated.  It will ensure the experience provided at the grassroots leaves Kiwi kids enthused, technically competent and in love with sport.

Three programmes are offered:

  • McDonald’s First Kicks (4-6 Years)
  • McDonald’s Fun Football (7-8 Years)
  • McDonald’s Mini Football (9-10 Years)

To view these programmes in detail, please download - please click on the appropriate link for your child's age group on the junior toolbar.

Click here to view the Junior Framework video


Game Season Information- Saturday Mornings Only

Junior Grade is from 5 years to 9/10 years old
Grading is based on players age during the calendar year 1st January to 31 December.
Girls may play one grade down if they wish to.


Mixed Meadowland teams

We will be allocating all Meadowlands teams after registrations close. The registrations close on the 9th of April 2021. After the this date all registrations will be moved onto a waiting list and added in if space is available and late registrations may not be put into teams with their friends.

All games are at Meadowlands Reserve, on Meadowlands Drive. (Behind the squash/tennis centre).

Please log in to Club Hub after the 16th April 2021 to see your team name and coaches/team information.

If you can't remember your password/username, this can be will reset via the forgot password section during sign-in.


Saturday Morning Team allocations:

First Kicks Programme

  • 5th grade (children born in 2016) will be split into teams of up to 10 with other 5th graders with 2 parent coaches.
  • 6th grade (children born in 2015) will be split into teams of up to 10 with other 6th graders with 2 parent coaches.
  • 5/6th grade girls (girls born in 2015/16) will be split into teams of up to 10 with other 5/6th graders with 32 parent coaches.

Fun Football Programme

  • 7th grade (children born in 2014) will be split into teams of between 12 with other 7th graders with 2 parent coaches.
  • 8th grade (children born in 2013) will be split into teams of between 9 with other 8th graders with 1 to 2 parent coaches.

Mini Football Programme

  • 9/10th grader (children born in 2011/12) will be split into teams of 10 with other 9/10th graders with 1 to 2 parent coaches.


After last years success,  we are looking at having a 9/10th grade in-house format again- this is for any 10th grader who does not want to travel and player other clubs. They will be mixed into a 9/10th grade team and play at the same location and time every week.



  • Load-up
  • Click on the login button on the top left
  • Enter your username and password
  • Halfway down you will find your player's information (child's name and team)


Once teams are allocated you can contact your team / coach by

  • On the tool bar at the top, go to contact and pick 'My Team' from the drop down.
  • Click on the box next to the team, then click continue
  • This will show you all the numbers for your team mates and coach
  • If you want to email click on the player you want to email and then continue.
  • Send the email


The teams that have a bye, please come down for a training session with your coach - a field has been allocated for you.

Please note if your team is helping with the BBQ


Parking at Meadowlands

Please note:

1. Be considerate about parking. Ensure you park well clear of resident's driveways.

2. Ensure rubbish from snacks/drinks when you return to the car are not left on the premises, please take it with you.

3. Most importantly to drive and park safely and supervise children very carefully when leaving and returning to cars.

4. Alicia Road is a narrow road when cars are parked on both sides. Please watch young children exiting cars on the road side. Likewise when returning to cars after the games.

5. We want people to be safe and we need to work together to keep safe and tidy.