Junior Information 2019


Mixed Meadowland teams

We will be allocating all Meadowlands after the Prem trials. Please ensure your registrations are in before the 5th of March 2019.


Game Season Information

Junior Grade is from 5 years to 9 years old
Grading is based on players age during the calendar year 1st January to 31 December.
Girls may play one grade down if they wish to.


Season dates:
Season starts 6th April 2019 (then 13th April, and then 1 week off during the school holidays)


All games are at Meadowlands Reserve, on Meadowlands Drive. (Where Howick Softball is located).

Please log in to Club Hub to see your team name and coaches/team information. If you cant remember your password/username please email the junior club captain and he will reset it for you.


Team allocations

When registrations close, players will be allocated into team. Please ensure you list friends that you would like to play with (this is normal possible if enough time is given). Players that wish to be part of a Prem team must participate in the ID session: Please note the 8th grade rep team will play in the 9th grade inhouse league, the 9th grade Prem teams will play in the AFF league (this involves traveling). It is expected that the Prem teams training at least once a week.


Depending on the number of 7th grade tournaments, some 7th grades players might be identified by their coaches to participate (stay tuned though-out the season).

The club requires ALL players/teams to be in the new official Fencibles/Nike Kit, this includes top, shorts and Sock. To place your order for this season, go to, click on 'Clubs', then 'Fencibles' and enter FEN16 to access the club page.

The top is the one with the red centre panel with navy panels down the side, the shorts and socks are the navy ones.

For pictures and information on ordering please refer to the front page of the Fencibles website.



  • load-up-
  • click on the login button on the top left
  • enter your username and password
  • halfway down is your players information (child's name and team)


To contact your team / coach

  • on the tool bar at the top, go to contact and pick 'My Team' from the drop down.
  • click on the box next to the team, then click continue
  • this will show you all the numbers for your team mates and coach
  • If you want to email click on the player you want to email and then continue.
  • Send the email

Please note the grade that you are in (as team names are the same in the

The teams that have a bye, please come down for a training session with your coach- a field has been allocated for you.

Please note if your team is helping with the BBQ



BBQ helper


Parking at Meadowlands


Please note:


1. Be considerate about parking. Ensure you park well clear of resident's driveways.


2. Ensure rubbish from snacks/drinks when you return to the car are not left on the berms. People have been even known to empty their entire cars trash on the side of the road.


3 Most importantly to drive and park safely and supervise children very carefully when leaving and returning to cars.

Cars tend to drive very quickly up and down Alicia Road and small kids cannot be seen between parked cars.


Alicia Road is a narrow road when cars are parked on both sides. I have seen very many close calls when young children are allowed to get out of cars on the road side (Not the pavement side) unsupervised. Likewise when returning to cars after the games.


It is great to see so many kids enjoying themselves on Saturday mornings but it would be tragic for a serious injury or death to occur.


We want people to be safe and we want Fencibles to keep a good reputation in the area. I have often heard remarks over the past 2/3 years about how tidy the park is left after so many people have been there.