Constitution and Code of conduct

Constitution (NOVEMBER 2012)

August 2012


The Fencibles Constitution was first developed following the the Formation of the Club in the mid 1990's. It reflects the structures and nomenclature that was relevant at that time. Since then, the club and its structures have evolved significantly. This year the committee have undertaken to update the Constitution to reflect where and what the club is today. This document can be viewed below









Code of conduct


Players Code of Conduct 

-          Do not fail to respect the authority of the referee

-          Play within the laws of the game at all times

-          Do not blame the referee for your mistakes

-          Do not lose your temper and take the laws into your own hands

-          Do not over react to fouls committed against you

-          Do not attempt to get opponents into trouble by appealing excessively

 Supporters/Parents code of conduct 

-          Young people are not playing to satisfy your ambitions

-          Young people are involved for their enjoyment

-          We have the responsibility to ensure that all players play by the rules

-          Teamwork and effort are as important as winning

-          Accept losing without undue disappointment

-          Never ridicule or shout at a player for making a mistake. Praise them or keep quiet

-          If you disagree with a match official’s decision, raise the issue though the appropriate channels, do not question their judgment or honesty in public.

-          Show respect for your teams opponents.

-          Show respect to your opponents supporters and coaches

-          Respect all club facilities home and away

-          Remember that your club is run by volunteers who give their time so that you get the opportunity to be involved in Football, please respect that, all offers of help are appreciated.


-          Abuse of any type will not be tolerated by Fencibles United AFC

-          Please demonstrate appropriate social behavior by not using foul language, sexist attitudes, harassing players, coaches or officials.

-          Physical abuse of any sort has a zero tolerance level both on or off the field and will be dealt with accordingly

-          Help to remove all forms of verbal and physical abuse from our game


Failure to comply with this code may result in the club taking disciplinary actions in accordance with its constitution and the code of conduct of NZF