Coaches Info - Youth

Playing Waiheke?

When playing away, Fencibles will cover the ferry cost of all players and 1 coach to travel to/from Waiheke from Half Moon Bay. Please keep your GST receipt and send into Danna who will arrange for the treasurer to reimburse you. Parents can travel if they choose but do so at their own expense.

Upon arrival, parents from the Waiheke team will pick you up and take you to the ground; they will return you after the game. It is possible to ask AFF to have the game start time moved to accommodate sailing times, but please do this a couple of weeks before you play.

Always best to exchange emails with the opposition coach ahead of your game and confirm the arrangements. Their details will be on the Waiheke web site at


When playing at home it is customary to return the compliment and arrange to pick up the Waiheke team from Half Moon Bay and return them after the game. The manager from their team will generally make contact with the Fencibles youth captain first, and he will put them in touch with the Fencibles coach. As above the game time can be moved to accommodate sailing times.


10th Grade 7v7 Pitch Layout

To adhere to the regulations for the Whole of Football Plan in the 10th grade, pitches can be marked out on full sized pitches as per the diagram below. All 11-a-side pitches are > 90m x 65m so coming in 15m from the goal line and side-line, and using the half way line as a divider will allow for 2 pitches with an approximate measure of 50m x 30m.